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Endings come in all sorts of shapes: kids leaving home, end of a relationship, starting a new job, chronic illness, terminal illness and the most final of all: death.

Grieving is such an important human experience and so vital in the journey to accepting loss and being able to find new ways to enjoy life, but our society often still makes us feel guilty and ashamed for not "having it together", which often means people have to bottle all these intense emotions and put on a "brave face".

Finding ways to navigate through the grieving by actively mourning is not something that is often talked about. Having someone listening to you and give you space to feel what you feel is very important. I have a few links below that can guide you to professional help in case a cuppa with a good friend is not enough (and that is totally okay and understandable!) 

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in memoriam title.jpg

Having a creative outlet can be very soothing. It doesn't have to be painting or sculpting. It can be anything; cooking, baking, gardening, bird-watching, up cycling, sewing, knitting, DIY-ing, redecorating a room, travelling, journaling, etc. What is your unique thing that normally fills your heart? Chances are that this is the very thing that will help you through this emotional time in a way that nothing else can.

Art is my way and on this page I am, hopefully, giving some ideas that can help you on your journey!

I am wishing you lots of love x

For this In memoriam I used my favourite picture of all time: me on my 4th birthday, wearing my favourite dress sitting next to the 2 most important women in my life: my mum and my Oma. 

Working with a picture can be done in numerous ways and this is just one idea of an infinite ideas.

No matter how you choose to use your favourite picture to honour your loved ones, it is all about the act of creating, which is truly an act of love!

Here's a link to the animation I made of the process:

in memoriam title.jpg
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